Effective  11/1/14      Appointment Only Services
1.      Full Service Haircut (men or women) $25
Executive haircut service delivering the up-to-date style of your choice.
2.      Full Service Haircut / Beard Trim $27
Executive haircut service with style of choice and full beard trim.
3.      Full Service Haircut / Hot towel shave $27
Executive haircut style of choice and hot towel shave.
4.      KoJack (bald cut with razor): $30
Bald haircut using shaving cream, hot towel and razor.  A woman’s cut might include very short hair on sides and back and side-swept hair on top completed with a crisp line up.
5.      Full Service Haircut with shampoo $30
Executive haircut style of choice with a professional shampoo.
6.      Deluxe Package $45
Executive service and complete grooming experience. Consists of pre-haircut shampoo, haircut style of choice, post shampoo full beard trim, hot towel razor edge and more.
7.      Children’s Haircut (2-15 yrs) $15
This is a basic haircut service for children 5-12 years old. Add additional $5 for any specialty cuts, (i.e mohawk, air fro, etc.)
8.      Any Design With Haicut $5 & up
Your choice of any haircut w/ a dose of my artistic twist! Feel free to text design to my cell prior to your haircut appointment.
9.   Edge Up & Shave $11
Helps client maintain a well-groomed look between full service haircuts. Includes face shave, line up and new growth clean-up.
10.   Scalp Scrub (or dandruff treatment ) with Full Service $45
Provides a deep thorough cleansing of scalp removing all haircare products and scalp skin shedding build up preventing strong healthy hair growth.  Performed once per month.
11.   Bigen Hair Coloring $40
Allows clients to experience a natural looking hair darkening service. This temporary hair coloring service lasts 2 weeks, depending on the amount of times the hair is shampooed.
12.   Straight Razor Shave $25
Includes a mini-facial cleansing, steam towel service followed by a detailed shaving of the entire beard and/or mustache areas.
13.   Facial with Steam Towel Service $25
Consists of a thorough deep facial cleansing as well as the removal of any ingrown hair which causes unsightly skin irritation. The service also includes a minty cold mask cream and is topped off with a relaxing hot steamy towel over the face area.
14.   Black Ice Line  $5 ( 5.) $5
Provides client with a detailed, natural look to the hairline and face edges. Offers detail and definition to the entire haircut service for the entire day. This service may be shampooed.
15.   Shampoo/Conditioner Pre or Post Haircut $5 $10
Offers clients the option of having a complete hair shampoo and condition prior to or following their hair cutting service.
16.   Full Service Haircut with Bigen $45
Thinning, balding or gray spots on beard? No problem. Bigen dye can naturally color and dye areas that need to be covered for that sharp sleek image. On average, Bigen last up to 3 weeks!
17.   Haircut with Texturizer: $40
Hair enhancing chemical treatment and services to create more manageable hair.
18.   Eyebrow Detail: $14
Our technique of eyebrow styling includes facial analysis, trimming, waxing if applicable, and tweezing.