At Kutinfed, we care about our customers and we are careful about our Services.

barber hygienWe want you to know that quality haircare is what we do and that includes the highest standards of care, hygiene and professional cleanliness.

Here are the State of Texas standards we carefully meet on a daily basis:

Texas Health and Safety Standards–General Requirements. 82.102. 

(Rules effective March 1, 2006, 31 TexReg 1297; amended effective August 1, 2006, 31 TexReg 5947)

(a) All barber establishments and licensees shall utilize clean and disinfected equipment, tools, implements, and supplies in accordance with this Chapter, and shall employ good hygiene habits while providing barbering services.

(b) A licensee may not perform services on a client if the licensee has reason to believe the client has a contagious condition such as head lice, nits, ringworm; or inflamed, infected, broken, raised or swollen skin or nail tissue; or an open wound or sore in the area to be serviced.

(c) Multi-use equipment, implements, tools or materials … shall be cleaned and disinfected before use on each client. Except as otherwise provided …. chairs and dryers do not need to be disinfected prior to use for each client.

(d) Single-use equipment, implements, tools or porous items … shall be discarded after use on a single client.

(e) Electrical equipment that cannot be immersed in liquid shall be wiped clean and disinfected prior to each use on a client.

(f) All clean and disinfected implements and materials when not in use shall be stored in a clean, dry, debris-free environment including but not limited to drawers, cases, tool belts, rolling trays, or hung from hooks. They must be stored separate from soiled implements and materials. Ultraviolet electrical sanitizers are permissible for use as a dry storage container. Non-barber related supplies must be stored in separate drawers or locations.

(g) A container of liquid disinfectant shall be located at each barber chair or station in a barber establishment to be used to disinfect combs, brushes, scissors or other equipment which may be safely immersed in a liquid disinfectant.

(h) Shampoo bowls and manicure tables shall be disinfected prior to use for each client.

(i) Floors in barber establishments shall be thoroughly cleaned each day. All hair cuttings shall be removed as soon as practicable.

(j) All trash containers must be emptied daily and kept clean by washing or using plastic liners.

(k) Hand washing facilities, including hot and cold running water must be provided for employees.

(l) Clean towels shall be used on each client. Towels must be washed in hot water and chlorine bleach.

(m) Soiled towels shall be removed after use on each client and deposited in a suitable receptacle.

(n) Each barber establishment shall keep all products used in the conduct of their business properly labeled in compliance with OSHA requirements.

(o) Haircutting capes and shampoo capes shall be kept clean. A clean (one-use) cape shall be used for each client, or a sanitary neck strip or towel shall be used to keep capes from coming into direct contact with the client’s neck.